About Us


Our Story

Pomp & Circumstance is the combination of Toronto-based, Professional Photographers Karl Anderson and Pat Blythe. These two close friends recently decided to share their skills and talents exclusively for the benefit of Brides and Grooms.

Karl comes from a rich history of portrait photography, learning from some of Toronto's most skilled photographers. He has an innate understanding of lighting and posing, which makes for extremely flattering, creative and eye-catching portraits. 

Pat comes from a shooting background richly ingrained in the Canadian music culture. This has seen her capturing images of your favourite performers, both on and off the stage, in a candid fashion, telling their story as only Pat is able to tell it, creatively and with passion.

Karl has a natural, inherent ability of keeping his subjects very relaxed before his lens, while in many cases, Pat's subjects are totally unaware they are subjects at all. 

The Pomp

This is Karl's area of expertise....all the portraits and details of your wedding day. Rings and bouquets, the family portraits, to all the dramatic glamour of the Bride and Groom. These images  are where Karl's creative vision shines through.

The Circumstance

There is a certain skill required to be a "fly on the wall" at a wedding. To steal little moments silently while stealthily preparing for the next. This is Pat's wheelhouse. She is the master of moments....from flower girls to the life of the party....nothing slips passed Pat's lens!

Pomp & Circumstance….something different….a step above